Sales Manager

Job requirements 1.Assist sales staff  to follow up orders 2.Reception customers,answer customer questions 3.Maintain old customers, develop new customers 4.Later stage can turn to sales Job Qualifications 1.CET-6 or above, major in international economics and trade related 2.Possess strong communication skills, logical, execution ability, and have certain sensitivity to the market 3.Ambitious based on sales […]

Foreign trade salesman

Job requirements

1.Use the channels provided by the company to find overseas customers, and do the follow-up work well;

2.Maintain good communication with customers and develop new customer sources with the help of industry platforms

3.Can give customers a timely response to product models, quality, etc. And handle customer’s Questions

4.Maintain old customer relations and handle customer orders well

5.Responsible for customer invitation at the exhibition, and went to the exhibition to receive the corresponding customers

6.Assist in other work arranged by superior

E-commerce Operation Specialist

Job responsibilities and qualifications
1.According to the company’s development strategy planning, responsible for the overall operation of Amazon or Ebay or AliExpress
2.Responsible for integrating relevant resources, formulating e-commerce platform brand promotion plan and implementation of promotion activities
3.Monitor and analyze industry dynamics and competitors’ market behavior and conduct targeted market analysis and formulate strategies
4. Regularly track and analyze e-commerce product strategies, marketing strategies, and means of industry competitors, formulate timely response measures, and continuously adjust and improve the company’s product strategies and marketing strategies and programs.

E-commerce Merchandiser

Foreign language type :English

Foreign language level: average

Job responsibilities and qualifications

1.Coordinate with various departments to follow up the progress of orders to ensure timely delivery of orders.

2.Do a good job in the collection, statistics, analysis and feedback of e-commerce platform information.

3. Assist operation Specialist to collect dynamic information of peers and competitive products on the network

4.College degree and above

5.Proficiency in English and strong writing skills

6. Proficiency in various office software

7.Strong sense of team and service, down-to-earth, proactive, strong execution; able to withstand certain work pressure; we are willing to provide opportunities for inexperienced people, as long as you are willing to work hard, big stage is ready for you.

Foreign trade salesman

Job responsibilities and qualifications
1.Responsible for overseas business development, developing potential customers through various other B2B online channels
2.Familiar with the foreign trade operation process, responsible for reply inquiries from overseas customers, and reaching orders with overseas customers via email and telephone.
3.Ability to negotiate business and develop distributor/importer clients in the area responsible for the development
4.Coordinate with various departments to follow up the progress of orders to ensure timely delivery of orders.
5.Making good collecting, statistics, analysis and feedback of customer information.
6.College degree and above