HR Administrative Specialist

Full Time
Posted 4 years ago

Job description

 1.Implement and improve the company’s personnel systems and plans, training and development, performance evaluation, employee social security benefits and other aspects of management;

2. Organize and assist the heads of various departments in recruitment, training and performance evaluation;

 3. Implement and improve relevant policies and procedures for staff entry, regularization, change, and resignation;

4.Employee personnel information management and maintenance of employee files, accounting employees’ salaries and benefits, etc.

 5.Responsible for the submission and issuance of relevant company documents;

 6.Assist the general manager to complete other personnel related work;

Job requirements:

  1.Secretary or administrative management, human resources related major, need college degree or above;

  2.English can be used as a working language and can use office software proficiently;

 3.Have good communication skills, coordination ability, execution ability, anti-stress ability and insight, learning ability;

 4. Accept long-term office in Dubai.

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